Attention is a limited resource – also in terms of culture. Communication has today therefore taken on central importance. Museums need people to visit them; exhibitions and events need a discourse to convey their import to the public. How is it possible to use PR to achieve effective multiplication of contents and themes; and how is it possible to generate a public? From complex art festivals to focused exhibition projects, from professional city and museum marketing to theoretical discussion forums: art is a sensitive topic requiring insider knowledge and contacts. Particularly when it comes to specific “informational logistics and dramaturgy”. Or when efficient relationship management is required between the various players. And when networking is necessary to mediate contacts, exchange information, and carefully prepare content and themes in order to purposefully convey them to the right target groups.

Art market
The market for art fairs has grown to the point that the shows now dominate the art market. However they are always simultaneously communication platforms in which information transfer takes place – the leap from general conversation to sales talk is often small. From targeted advertising strategies to PR events to general “background noise” – all this makes art fairs such interesting playing fields. Knowing the international gallery scene and its networks is just as essential as having an overview of the ranking lists for current trends and hypes, the young talents and the timeless heroes.

Working on the interface between art, culture and business means recognizing and harnessing the potential that makes art and culture interesting as a corporate communication platform. While at the same time attracting fair partners from the business world whose support makes art possible in the first place. This all entails intensive mediation and wide-ranging consulting capabilities, in order to both protect and assert the interests of all those involved while finding innovative yet economical solutions. The result: custom-made projects and events that generate the right public, provide momentum for in-company processes, and create networks of producers or multipliers in which everybody benefits from the synergy effects.