Music, Dance, and Theatre
Free reign for professional communication in the field of music (and theatre). From electronic to entertainment – the spectrum of modern music performance is broad. The essence of communication in this sphere lies in a sensitive and precise address, the offer of skilfully formulated content in order to hit the right note within the orchestra of communication synergies. As the intermediary between artist and audience, producers and sponsors, we structure content, develop themes, connect different threads, formulate messages, cultivate contacts, create platforms and open up channels – taking care at all times to ensure that culture reaches the public’s eyes, ears, hearts and minds, as well as to facilitate a continuing presence and acceptance in the media.

Film and Literature
The boundaries between art and film, between the animated and animating image have been in flux for a long time. A festival such as the KunstFilmBiennal is testimony to this: artists make use of cinematic means or become directors, filmmakers are inspired by art, and artists become the cult figures of cinema. The narrative element provides a common denominator here. Within this dynamic field of text and image, communication itself needs the right dramaturgy – and the communication of content requires a comparable degree of competent editorial management.


Kathrin Luz Communication